Monday, August 22, 2016

Travel to the UK Without Busting Your Budget

Thinking of visiting the UK? Then we’ve got some great tips to help your money go further. Travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune with these great money-saving tips.


Book as far in advance as you can

There are some great deals to be done on flights and hotels if you can book early. You are also more likely to get extras such as meals or discounted child prices. Booking flights in advance also means you can book the best seats on the plane. That way you don’t run the risk of being sat at opposite ends of the plane, or not having the window seat you’d prefer.


Check out the local public transport

Before you arrive in the UK, do some research on the public transport systems. The country is served by a great rail network, and you can also get around easily by bus. This allows you to get to see more of the city you’re visiting. It will also help you settle into the area quicker you’ll feel more confident navigating it.

Stay somewhere different

We’d all like to stay in five-star hotels, but sometimes the budget does not allow for it. If you still want comfort but at a lower price, then there are great alternatives in the UK. In larger cities such as Birmingham or Manchester, there are many budget hotel chains offering comfort and value. You can get some great deals if you shop around. Or if you’re heading to Cornwall then look for a more unusual place, such as a quiet Looe B&B and experience wonderful British hospitality and a lovely breakfast.


Take hand-luggage only

We all know that budget airlines try and fit in as many extra costs as possible. However, with some smart packing, you can travel with just hand luggage. This saves time at the airport as well as you won’t have to wait at baggage reclaim. It also means you will always have your bag with you, so there’s less chance of it going missing. Just remember to check that your suitcase or bag is the right size and weight for the airline’s policy as they do vary.


Travel in low season

If you are able to, travelling at quieter times of the year can save you a fortune. September can be a cheap month to travel due to the school holidays ending, and the weather in most of Europe is still pretty good then. Flights will also be less crowded, and there will be more deals to be had.

Find the restaurants the locals go to

There are a lot of chain restaurants in the UK that cater for almost every taste. However, a lot of them don’t come cheap. If you want to experience the local area for yourself, consult a guide such as Tripadvisor and find the great restaurants away from the busy towns. These often have lower prices as they aren’t having to pay a premium for being in the main party of a town. You can also get to experience the traditional British pub environment.

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