How to Take Care of Your Pets When You Go Travelling

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When you head off on your travels, there are plenty of things that you need to think about. One of those things is what you’re going to do with your pets while you’re away. Whether you’re going for a short weekend or a long holiday, you’re going to have to make arrangements of some sort. Let’s break down a few solutions to this problem.

Ensure Their Food Supply is Adequate

If you’re looking at taking of care of pets like cats and fish, you don’t have to send them away necessarily. However, it’s incredibly important to make sure they are set when it comes to food. That’s not just a case of chucking a lot more in the dish or tank, either. You know they’ll eat it all up straight away if you give them a chance. Do your research and find the best ways to separate their food over a number of days. There are plenty of tools and gadgets on the market to help you with this.

Leave Them with Friends and  Family

If you’re going away for a while, it’s worth checking to see whether your friends or family can keep a check on them regularly. If it’s a pet that can’t live at home on their own, ask if they can look after them. You might need to give them some basic training in advance, so be aware of this before you go jetting off anywhere. You’ll need to make a sensible judgement about whether it’s suitable to leave them with those closest to you. If it’s going to be too difficult, you’ll have to search for a different option.

Use Professional Services

Of course, there are professional services out there that can take care of your pets while you’re away. At, you can even find dog boarding services offering a luxurious stay. They might end up having a better holiday than you do! Make sure you choose a company that is reputable and avoid any scams. I’m sure you want your pets to have the best possible stay, so it’s not worth risking their happiness for a little more money in your pocket.

Bring Them with You

If you’re planning to be away for a long time, why not bring your pets with you? It might be more difficult in some cases, but it might also be your best option. There’s a lot to think about before you do this. Obviously, you need to consider whether they can handle the long journey easily. You also need to think about vaccinations for entering a new country. Check the border requirements before you go travelling or you could end up in a sticky situation down the road. You can find more information about this at websites like

It’s great having pets, but they come with lots of responsibilities. You need to make sure you do the best by them and find a good solution when you’re away from home. Follow our tips, and choose the best one to suit you.

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