How to Plan a Cross Country Trip Successfully

Monday, February 08, 2016

If you want to travel across the country, you will need to make sure you do diligent planning. There are thousands of miles in America to visit and attractions all along the way. You could do several cross-country vacations and have all of them different, but all successful if you do it correctly. Here is one way to have a successful trip.

The first step in having a successful trip is to consider what your budget will be. There are many ways to fund your trip, from saving or taking a loan from When you know about how much money you want to spend, you will want to purchase some in-depth atlases to see what possibilities lie ahead. For a beginner, consider following an Interstate that goes from East to West, such as Route 66. There are numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, museums, and historical markers along the way. You could also look at following the old railroad tracks or trails, such as the Oregon Trail. Regardless, you will want to make sure you have a comprehensive map that you can see the route you want to take.

Once you know the route you want to take and the cities that are along the way, you are ready to purchase travel guides. Many cities offer visitor guides for free online or you can order for free from their website. You want to make sure you give yourself time to receive all of the guides because many will come in the mail. The travel guides will help you find the attractions that are available or any interesting spots that are often looked over by travellers that are passing through.

If you are traveling with someone else, make sure you both talk about the breakdown of driving hours and what sights you want to see. Selecting company for traveling is what can make or break a cross country trip because you will be with them for hours. However, if you are traveling alone, you will need to make sure you factor in a lot more breaks and rests so you do not drive while exhausted. It will become more hazardous to you and other drivers, but you will also not enjoy your vacation as much. The biggest thing is to make sure your itinerary has flexibility factored in so you can change your mind and stay somewhere longer if desired.

When you are traveling, it is vital that you book your reservations for hotels well in advance. If you feel this is too limiting, then consider booking rooms in the locations that are extremely popular. This will at least give you a few guidelines with your vacation, but still offer you a lot of flexibility. On the other hand, many places will allow you to cancel your reservation 24-hours in advance without a penalty attached.

Finally, make sure you have your vehicle put in for maintenance prior to leaving. You want to make sure you have fresh tires, oil, and a tune-up before heading out on the road. While this will not eliminate any vehicle troubles, it will limit it. Make sure you know how to do some basic maintenance and pack a lot of patience. The success of a long trip will depend on how you handle the situations that arise.

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