Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simple Travel Tips for Families

Travelling with the family can be very exciting, if not a little stressful. When you’re all travelling together, tensions can run a little high. You can get stressed and worry about the littlest thing. Worry no more! This guide will give you some simple tips to have an amazing time and stop worrying on your trip!


Before you start packing for your trip, make a list. Make a list for each family member, and list items in categories so you know you have everything you could possibly need. Making a list in advance will make it less likely that you’ll forget something. You also have something to check off against as you’re packing to leave. The feeling of forgetting something is the worst, but with a list you don’t need to worry.


Make sure you take any emergency numbers you might need. Write these down in a notebook, or somewhere you will always be able to access them. Write down any family numbers you might need, and even emergency numbers for the place you’re visiting. It’s also wise to pack a small emergency kit for each family member. This kit could contain a drink/snack, toothbrush, and anything else they might need at a moment’s notice. It’s probably a good idea to take a first aid kit with you too.


There’s no need to travel out of the country each time you go away. Families can find so many things to do back home. You could visit Blackpool with its theme parks and other attractions. You could even go somewhere like Bath, full of pretty sights to see. Explore your own country and you might be surprised at the fun you can have!


Make sure you do something for everybody on your trip. Ask if there’s anything they’d like to do and try to include it. Making sure you do something everybody enjoys will make it a memorable trip for all.


Why not get the kids to keep a travel diary? This will give them something to do when they might not have anything to keep them entertained. It’ll also be great to look at it and see it from their point of view! They can look back at this for years to come and remember all of the great things you did as a family.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

8 Reasons You Should Pay India a Visit

If you’re an avid visitor of new places, then you want to make sure you add India to your list. India is a wonderful place, full of things to do and see. It’s probably much more modernized than you’d imagine too, making it the perfect place for a diverse visit. If you need some solid reasons to visit India, here’s 8 of them:

The Parties are Something Else

If you like a good party, India knows how to throw one. Whether you’re heading out to a club or on the beach, you won’t believe what goes on. They have some of the best nightclubs, beach parties, and even festivals in the world. You can really let your hair down here and have an amazing time. Just make sure you stay safe!

The Beaches are Beautiful With Lots Going on

There are some gorgeous beaches in India, all perfect for different things. As mentioned before, you can go partying on beaches like in Goa, or you can try your hand at watersports. You could even take some time out for yourself just to relax. You have plenty of beaches to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that suits you.

The Shopping is Amazing

Many people come to India for the shopping! Not only do they have designer boutiques, they are also full of flea markets and bargain stores. This means you can go home with so many unique and amazing souvenirs. Many of which you’d pay top dollar for back home! Shopping in India is an absolute must. You’ll come home with so many different things.

Experience Indian Culture

Although you can party and shop in India, you can also experience the wonderful Indian culture. Many traditions are still followed to this day, and you’ll be amazed. Travelling somewhere new is all about experiencing the culture, so make sure you do!

Enjoy The Delicious Food

Indian food is famous all over the world. It’s the favorite of many people, especially those who love a takeaway on a Friday night. However, you just can’t beat Indian food cooked in India. You can buy cheap street food that will fill you up, or you can have sit down meals that go on for hours.

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