Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tips for Planning a Great Family Road Trip

Planning a road trip for your family is a great way to head out and see new places and experience new things together while making memories that will last a lifetime. But a road trip requires a bit more planning than your standard vacation because you have to factor in your vehicle, drive time, and your route, among other things. Check out the tips below so you can plan a memorable family road trip that will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Consider Upgrading Your Ride to an RV

Instead of cramming everyone into your small four-door sedan, minivan, or SUV, especially if you have a large family, consider renting an RV or a travel trailer. Not only will everyone have a lot more room to relax in, but you'll also have more room for your luggage, you'll have actual beds to sleep in, and you'll even have an area to prepare your food and use an actual bathroom that's private, rather than relying upon public restrooms all along the way.

Plan Your Route in Advance

While it may sound fun to head out on the road with no real route in place, this could result in trouble and cause you to lose precious time. Therefore, take the time to plan your route before you head out on the road. Choose your destination and then figure out what the best route would be, whether you're aiming to take the scenic, natural route, the fastest route, or the one with plenty of fun stops along the way. Having this plan to follow will keep everyone on schedule and hopefully prevent the kids from asking the dreaded question, "Are we there yet?"

Bring Along Plenty of Food

In addition to packing your clothes and other necessary supplies, don't forget to pack enough food, as you never know when you'll be able to find a place to eat while out on long stretches of highway en route to your destination. It can be difficult to find places to eat, especially if your family follows special diets, so packing plenty of food in airtight containers and coolers will ensure you always have snacks ready when the kids get hungry, as well as actual meals to sit down and enjoy together. And, again, if you rent an RV or trailer, you'll even have a small kitchen you can use to prepare small meals along the way.

Involve the Entire Family When Planning Activities

When planning activities for your road trip, definitely make it a point to involve the kids. Ask them what they would like to do, ask their opinions on ideas that you have, and make sure that they feel like a part of the planning process. In this way, you'll plan the ideal road trip for everyone involved, not just the parents.

Prepare Your Vehicle Before You Head Off

Before you head out onto the road, you also want to make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition possible to handle the long ride ahead. Complete all of the usual preventative maintenance that you have scheduled throughout the year, and check that no repairs are needed. For example, you should make sure your vehicle has all of its fluids topped off, that the tires have good tread and plenty of air, that the oil has been changed, and that you have a spare tire and other supplies in the trunk in case you end up needing to make a repair while on the road. When in doubt, have your vehicle checked out by your mechanic.

Plan for Time to Rest Along the Way

In addition to switching drivers, make sure you also plan for plenty of time to rest along the way. Whether you sleep in the car at a safe, secure, designated rest area or you book a hotel room for the night, the last thing that you want to do during a long road trip is push yourself too far. Falling asleep behind the wheel is a real danger during a road trip, and it can result in serious accidents.
By keeping these handy tips in mind, you can plan an unforgettable family road trip to your favorite destination and have a blast seeing the sights along the way. The great thing about a road trip is the fact that you're in control, so you can stop as many times as you like on your way to your vacation destination and you can plan activities that the entire family will love.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

4 Ways to Find the Perfect Hotel

A successful trip to anywhere in the world is all about the planning. There's something to be said for being spontaneous too. But it helps to have the bare bones of your travels laid out. The main things that people want to sort out are their transport and accommodation. Some people might risk it and only bother with the first one, but not everyone is ready to be that unprepared. There are several options for where to lay your head, from camping to apartment rentals. But many people choose to stay in hotels. Finding the perfect one isn't always easy, though, especially if you're a hotel aficionado.


Know What You Need

If you want to find a hotel that's perfect for you, you've got to know what you're looking for. Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from cheap and simple to lavish and luxury. Some of the things you need to think about include the location and the amenities you need. Some people are happy with a bed and shower, while others need a pool, a restaurant, a gym and a library. If you know what you want before you begin your search, you can narrow down what you're looking for.


Take an Interest in Hotels

One of the best ways to find an amazing hotel is by taking a keen interest in them. Most people aren't bothered about hotels. They might know a few big names, but they don't have a clue about all the latest happenings. They don't know designers or owners, or the most recent hotel trends. You can be ahead of the game by learning about everything that's going on in the hotel industry for your favorite cities. You can read about hotel developers, like J Street Hospitality in California. You can learn more about Sajan Hansji, the group's president, to keep up with their latest projects. Not everyone cares about the design of a new hotel. But those that do can stay in trendy new places before anyone else hears about them.


Read Reviews

You can't always rely on other people's opinions. But they're often helpful in large numbers. Before you decide to stay at a hotel, remember to look at the reviews online. Some unfortunate people book into accommodation and only think to check reviews once they discover it's not up to standard. They're no use after you've already found out that the hotel doesn't meet your needs. Always check the reviews, even for the most expensive hotels. Paying a lot of money won't guarantee that you get what you're looking for.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Florence is one of Italy's most beautiful, and most famous, cities [which is why I’m adding Florence to my wish list]. Known for being the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city is overflowing with arts and culture to explore. And even if paintings and architecture aren't for you, you're sure to enjoy the food and drink on offer. Summer is the best place to visit, when the weather is warm and sunny. But you can go at any time of year and enjoy everything the city has to offer. Do all the tourist activities or mingle with the locals as you explore Florence, from its colorful past to its lively present.

See Some Art

Since it's where the Renaissance began, you can't leave Florence without seeing some art. You'll find some stunning and memorable works in the city's museums and galleries. Head to the Uffizi Gallery for some of the best Renaissance artworks available to see. The collection is enormous, so it would take you a long time to see all of it. Instead, choose the rooms that interest you most. If you want some guidance, you can go on a group tour to learn more about the paintings. Or, if you're more of a solitary person, take an audio tour with a headset instead.


Enjoy the Food

Wherever you go in Italy, you have to enjoy the food on offer. When you're in Florence, the one thing you have to try is a Florentine steak. These huge steaks are a challenge, perfect for anyone who wants to show off their ability to polish off a lot of red meat. But don't worry if you're not a meat-eater, because there are always pasta and fish dishes on offer too. Food tours in Florence are an excellent way to explore the cuisine around the city. Sometimes it's a good idea to have a helping hand to show you around.

Enjoy the Drink Too

If food isn't your thing but drinking is, you can explore Florence through alcohol. Firstly, there's the wine, which you can enjoy in bars and restaurants, as well as buying some to take home. You can also experience the Italian tradition of aperitivo. The after-work drink is enjoyed by Italians everywhere. Sit down with a cocktail or perhaps a glass or prosecco and some bar snacks or small plates of food. Aperitivo might just turn into dinner if you hang around long enough.


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