Sunday, April 6, 2014

Some of the best things to do when visiting Munich

If you are planning to visit Germany, and Munich in particular, you will be greeted with a traditional European city with all the Bavarian style moulded together with the latest in technology and modern art. Munich is the European capital of polar opposites.

It is one of a few cities that is just as progressive as it is conservative, and has a certain amount of wealth, culture and lifestyle which is clearly visible if you visit.

[image from Heribert Pohl, via Flickr]

Here are several places you should go and visit if you plan to visit Munich:

St. Jacobs Square: This beautiful Jewish square comes complete with synagogue and a modern Jewish museum. 60 years after the end of the Third Reich, the Jewish community is now thriving and offers an abundance of places to see and visit around the centre of the square itself. There is plenty of cafes and bars in which you can frequent, as well as the medieval City Museum [which is the originally the city’s arsenal].

Wiener Platz: The Germans produce good beer and ale, and that is just a fact that is known throughout Europe. So, while you are visiting Munich, why not try and pop in to the HofbrÀukeller beer garden, which is located on the east side of the Isar river. On offer are a wide selection of great beers, as well as a more sombre reminder of the Bavarian revolution in the form of a plaque that commemorates the murder of 12 people from the area. The beer garden gives people the chance to relax and reflect on Munich’s beauty, past and culture. If you are looking for somewhere to take in the good food, beer, culture and history, then why not travel to Munich with Venere.

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