Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel Tips: How To Pack Like A Pro

While the boyfriend’s on a five-day work travel with a few of his colleagues, I managed to get a three-day off from the big kitchen.  Quite the irony, really.  Somehow, we’re having difficulties having to match our no-work schedules.  Because of that, we’re planning on flying somewhere for a week just to be able to spend time together.

I know what you’re thinking.  Our lives aren’t actually a sad case.  Because we both love our jobs, we always find a way to compromise and getting a vacation is one way of doing it.

Speaking of an up and coming travel, we have a long where-to-go-next list.  Yeah.  Just like you, yeah?  We’re thinking of Italy, or Spain and just recently have added The Czech Republic as one of our options.

Although not happening in the next few weeks, I couldn’t hide the excitement and so I went to YouTube and checked a few “How To Pack Like A Pro” video tutorials.  So far, this is my favorite:

I used to pack a lot of things for the travel which later turned out to be insignificant.  Hopefully, on the up and coming vacation, wherever it may be, I’ll only be bringing stuff I’ll be needing for the journey.  And oh yes… definitely less shopping!  That overshopping [not overspending though, I must say] I did in the UK in 2010 will [fingers crossed]not happen again.

August 2010 – What?  I got carried away!  Sorry.

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