Friday, May 17, 2013

The Luxury Hotel, Rancho Valencia in California

Yesterday morning, YAHOO! TRAVEL has created a list of ten luxury hotels worldwide, which according to the article are worth splurging on.  Mentioned on the list is the inviting Rancho Valencia.

Located 40 minutes away from the San Diego International Airport by car, Rancho Valencia is popular to both tourists and locals for its enchanting[especially at night] outdoor swimming pool and heated Jacuzzi.  Not to mention its thumbs up facilities such as:

  • a massage and beauty center
  • sauna
  • salon
  • fitness center
  • tennis courts
  • golf course
  • a business center
  • high speed wireless internet
  • restaurant [Mediterranean, French and Californian]
  • … and more!

Although the plan hasn’t been finalized yet, Bebe and I are looking for a three-week [the least] vacation in the US.  We’re shooting for July or August of 2015.  The main plan is to spend most of the trip in Florida and a few days in California.  2015 might sound that far, far away from today but oh my… planning excites us!

Savings account speaking, we don’t have much but we sure want to experience a three-day-two-night stay in one of Rancho Valencia’s rooms.  I mean, just looking at this pic makes me want to fly there now:

2015 is two years from now – time to start saving some more for the up and coming USA vacay’!

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