Sunshine along Miami’s South Beach

Monday, May 13, 2013

Few cities in the world can claim a reputation among sun-seekers that is as favorable as that earned by Miami over the years.  The US state of Florida in general has a wealth of options to encourage sunshine seeking visitors, but even among those individuals the South Beach area in Miami is widely considered to be one of the hottest, hippest, and most happening vacation spots out there.

Things to do in South Beach, Miami

There are a number of reasons for South Beach, Miami, achieving its high levels of popularity year after year. The beach itself is a significant attraction for many visitors, with its photogenic white sands, blue waters, and shady palm trees.  The area around the beach has built up a highly rated and thriving party scene, which includes almost everything, from daytime beachfront bars to chic nightlife establishments.  Along the beach-front - just being there is an attraction in itself - the area has become known for the beautiful and somewhat eccentric people who come to enjoy the ocean-side air, sometimes rollerblading or perhaps just lying in the sun.

There is no shortage of restaurants and top-range boutiques in South Beach, Miami, for dining and shopping. In addition, photographers can find colorful lifeguard huts, which have to some extent become a symbol of the area. Sports people, too, can find lots of things to do, as South Beach maintains facilities for many boating, swimming, and snorkeling activities.

Art Deco architecture at Miami Beach

Among the most notable sightseeing highlights in the area is the acclaimed Art Deco architecture, which features prominently on postcards and tourist information for South Beach, Miami. The lively architectural style blends with the vigorous approach to leisure time that characterizes the area, with an appeal to serious architecture admirers and serious fun seekers in equal measure.  There is a welcome center specifically for the Art Deco area. This is to be found on the junction of 10th Street and Ocean Drive, and it provides detailed information on where to go to see the best of the Art Deco attractions.

The weather and when to visit

Most of all, it is the sunshine that draws people to this part of the Sunshine State of Florida.  In this respect, Miami is warm and open for business all year round, with the peak season being between January and April each year.  These times get very busy with winter sun-seekers, and quieter vacations are often to be found between June and September; however, these months are also the hurricane season along the Gulf coast and typically experience more rainfall and higher humidity than other months of the year. For this reason, the so-called shoulder season between October and December, out of the storm season and before the resort reaches its peak is also popular with many. Throughout all of this, Miami hotels are available at any time, although they can fill up quickly during the peak season.  Most hotels have their own leisure facilities and can help visitors to get the most out of the weather at any time of year.

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