Sunday, April 7, 2013

Travel Wish List: Sweden–#1 Stockholm

I have this feeling that this year, my boyfriend and I will be traveling around Sweden more often compared to the past years.  Sweden has become my second home since June of 2007.  With studies, summer jobs and internship schedules and now work – match that with my boyfriend’s hectic work timeframe, we really don’t have much time to visit far away Swedish towns and cities.

Those things being said – this year, we’ll make sure that we’ll find time to drive to other Swedish cities and towns, spend at least a night there, see historic sites, visit famous restaurants and more!

… and if I am to make the list, first stop --- Stockholm!

The last time I was there was sometime in September of 2009.  Almost 4 years ago?  Wow!  Times flies and I can’t wait to roam around the beautiful city of Stockholm again!

When in Stockholm, I’ll make sure to spend a day with Bebe in Skansen Zoo.  I had been there once.  In fact, it was the first Swedish tourist spot Bebe took me to.  I so loved the place and I definitely… like definitely certainly will want to visit it once a year.

Second on the list --- will save that on the upcoming post.  I have something in mind but not yet that sure if it’s worth taking spot number 2 of my travel wish list.

Before I park my pen keyboard, here’s our dearest Neko [who’s sleeping soundly on my laptop] saying – Goodnight yah’ all! – and wishing you a great week ahead!

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