Sunday, January 20, 2013

P&O Cruises: Balcony Bonanza Double Upgrades

I was supposed to join my workmates in a two-day cruise adventure to celebrate the awesome 2012 we and the company had.  However, since I got sick [really really sick], I wasn’t able to make it.  Such a downer, I know.

To cheer me up, Bebe promised to take me on a two- or three- night cruise experience this year aside from the one week vacation in Spain.

If we will not be doing the Scandinavian cruise, I so want to try the dining and spa breaks aboard P&O Cruises.

I’ve been receiving quite a handful of attractive deals from in which the latest [received it via email yesterday] is the Balcony Bonanza Double Upgrade offers which are available from April 16 until the 25th.  Since it’s still January, that gives us a good amount of time to think things over.

Just thinking about it stirs a lot of excitement in me.  P&O’s Celebrity Chefs and Dining Options sound perfect for me!  It doesn’t matter if I get to shake hands and have my photos take with famous chefs or not.  I just want to make my palate happy onboard!  Of course, meeting Marco Pierre White and Olly Smith in person is something I’ll wholeheartedly grab if ever such an opportunity knocks!  I wish!

How about you?  Any plans on taking a cruise ship adventure with your loved ones and friends this year?

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