Monday, November 12, 2012

Supersizing the fun on the Norwegian Epic

The Norwegian Epic is among the largest and most innovative cruise ships currently offering holidays to families of all sizes from around the world. Destinations covered by the Epic over the course of the year include the Caribbean and various parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Entertainment on-board includes the Blue Man Group, a unique set of performers who have been consistently reviewed as some of the best and most exuberant you'll see anywhere on land or at sea.

Accommodation is top notch on the Epic as it is throughout the Norwegian Cruises fleet and while she is very much a family-friendly vessel there are rooms for individual travellers available throughout the year as well. Other features of the ship include no fewer than 20 different dining options that ought to keep each and every member of even the fussiest party well and truly satisfied from a culinary point of view. Plus you can eat whenever you like so there isn't a strict schedule that guests on the Epic need to stick to as there sometimes is with other cruise providers.

There are other very well equipped and high quality cruise ships in the Norwegian fleet but the Epic, as its name implies, is the biggest of the bunch and it has an atmosphere of real fun and excitement on-board no matter where it's heading or what time of year it might be. Planning ahead and placing your booking early gives you the chance to secure precisely the kind of cruise holiday you're after but there are always some seriously enticing offers made available as last minute cruises as well. It is always a case of balancing your priorities, carrying out the necessary research and taking the plunge when the time is right to place your booking.

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