Monday, October 8, 2012

Wish List: Florida in 2013

2012 has been awesome so far.  I received my heart’s desire for my birthday plus Bebe told me about the huge chance of flying to Florida in June or July of 2013 for a two- or three-week vacation.  Since my boyfriend and I do not belong to the group of rich couples, we need to really save for the trip.  Funny though.  Getting a two-way ticket to Florida from Sweden is cheaper at almost half the price than getting one to the Philippines.  Sigh.

In this very early stage, the Florida holiday is still under the maybe category as we’re still considering the possibility of hopping in a plane to the Philippines with or without the luck of finding a good deal on airfare tickets.

Anyhoo, if Florida wins after doing the math, we’ll definitely be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort!  Well, we have been to Hong Kong Disneyland but I bet, the world thing is a whole new story so if we’re in Florida, there’s no stopping us from entering the magical world of Disney!

Photo credit: Walt Disney World

Quick question though… Is Star Tours available in Walt Disney Florida or is it only in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California?  I really want to spend a day in Disneyland with Darth Vader!  Bebe even wants it more!

How about you?  Have you been to the Walt Disney World Resort?  If yes, how many days did you spend there?  How many theme parks did you visit?  If you haven’t been there yet, is Disney World included in your travel wish list?

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