Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn, It Is!

Sweden - Summer’s out.  Autumn’s in.  It can’t be stopped as the temperature grows colder and colder day after day.  The leaves are turning from green to yellow to orange to brown then are finally falling onto the ground.  It’s colorful just like spring and summer but in another way.  It’s like there are different hues of everything –— only, sadly frozen without the presence of snow.

As I was walking home from work a week ago, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a photo of this:

The scenery is pretty, I know.  Just like you, I am thankful for each day I get although I am aware that one day, the alluring potpourri like view above will soon be covered with achromatic meters of snow.

How about on your side of the world? How’s the weather? What’s the season? Are the leaves changing colors and are soon to kiss earth, too?

Have a wonderful autumn, everyone!

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