Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Summer 2012 So Far. How’s Yours?

It’s sad to say but most weeks of this year’s Swedish summer has simply rained away.  To those who have flown to a warmer part of the world for a vacation, they’re lucky.  To those who have chosen to stay, it’s kinda sad.  But well.  Hopefully the remaining days of July are going to bring better, shinier stories.  If not, at least there’s still August to look up to.

Anyhoo, I am one of those who haven’t travelled to any sunny paradise this summer.  I have been working all the time which is of course something I am so thankful for.  Bebe on the other hand is on his four-week vacation from work.  Nope… he isn’t flying to any destination either as he feels bad to leave me here, working --- sweet guy, I have!  He says that his vacation’s not that bad as it might sound.  London 2012 Olympics, afternoon coffee with his friends and movie nights with me keep him satisfied.  We’re thinking of taking a vacation next year.  Where?  That, we don’t know yet.  Definitely, if something comes up, I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh by the way, we drove to IKEA [Gävle] a week ago [with Bebe, mom-in-law and mom-in-law’s boyfriend].  It might sound silly but that visit to IKEA has been a lovely treat.  If you don’t know yet, for simple people like me, IKEA is our kind of Disneyland --- if you know what I mean.

Well then.  I hope everyone’s having a sunny and worth-while 2012 summer.  If not, have a great day anyway!

This is my summer 2012 so far.  How’s yours?

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