Monday, June 18, 2012

Overshopping in the UK… Ooops. I Did It Again.

Whenever I visit new places, I tend to overspend on clothes, shoes and bags.  As crazy as it may sound but shopping gives me great joy.  A wise spender - I am not.  At the end of each vacation, I end up facing two issues which I am pretty sure that you can relate to: first, the maximum baggage allowance [I hate paying charges for overweight luggage] and second, how to magically squeeze in every single item in my suitcase.

[August 2011] - A week before heading to the UK for a one week vacation with Bebe, I promised myself to stay away from overshopping.  Mind you… I tried really hard but because we arrived in London in the midst of its super sale season, my weak knees gave in.

Really, how could you say NO to this?

After four days in London, overshopping, it was! --- How am I supposed to pack all these?  Mayday.  Mayday!

Despite the chaotic clusters of shopping bags lying back in our room, with only five minutes left before closing time [we came in late!] I managed to purchase a pair of doll shoes in pink and two blouses at TK Maxx.  Now that was pure adrenalin, I tell you!

We flew back to Sweden with two massive pieces of luggage and a backpack each.  How were we able to bring home with us everything?  I honestly don’t know.  Luggage was two kilos overweight which wasn’t a big deal.  We weren’t asked to pay for the excess weight fee.  What a relief!

How about you?  Do you shop a lot when on vacation?  Do you encounter headaches when packing your things to bring back home?

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