Monday, June 25, 2012

Looking Forward To More Summer and Ice Cream Days

Friday and Saturday --- the sun was out, perfect for the Midsummer’s Eve and Day that every living soul in Sweden was praying for.  Although there had been whips and splashes of cold breeze from time to time, there was no room for complaints as the sun showered us with its beautiful rays two days in a row.

Sunday and Monday [yesterday and today!] --- as the dark sky covers the entire town with moody showers of rain, barbecue, picnic and sunbathing are for the meantime put on hold until the clouds clear on another day.  The kids, the kids at heart and grown ups are without question looking forward to more sunny summer and [of course] ice cream days!  Come on heavens!  Please let the sunshine pour on us!

One scoop of pistachio ice cream
+ one scoop of chocolate ice cream
= two scoops of HAPPINESS on a sunny weather!

One sunny but cold afternoon.
A quick stroll on the beach --- HAPPINESS at no extra cost.

While checking Yahoo!’s weather forecast, hopes of experiencing a fantastic weather within the week are really low.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be cloudy while the rest, rainy!  Replacing ice cream scoops in waffle cones with an umbrella, it is!

Temperatures in °C, just in case you’re wondering. *wink*

How about you?  How is the weather in your part of the world?  Is it really summer over there?  I mean, like really really summer that you can enjoy your favorite flavors of ice cream while having a stroll on the beach?

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