Monday, March 5, 2012

London: Empire, Leicester Square

I had the opportunity to check out Empire, a cinema that is located in Leicester Square in the City of Westminster, London two days before flying back to Sweden. The building was only a few steps away from London’s M&M’s World which we [Bebe, Lo and I] visited that same night. Because the streets were too crowded with people rushing from both directions, I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the movie house from the outside but well, Wikipedia, as always, came to the rescue!

Empire, Leicester Square, London at daytime
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Unplanned, we were lucky to learn that it was the premiere night for the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We paid for our tickets [tickets cost £9.95 per head] --- expensive, it was but my oh my… the experience was sure worth it!

A snapshot with my mate, Caesar:movie1

The cinema’s starry-starry ceiling.  movie2

The color transition definitely takes away the boredom of waiting for the film to begin.movie3


Yes, that’s me! The screen’s really huge! I’ve read somewhere that it’s a 20-meter screen and is considered as one of the largest screens in the UK.movie5movie6

This Empire 1 Screen has a seating capacity of 1,330. The seats are cozy with spacious aisles. There are no cup holders built into the chairs though.movie7

And here’s a happy couple at the Empire, trying their empire seats! Life is good, no doubt!movie8

Empire is a magical place for movie lovers like me, Bebe and Lo. I say, I’ll certainly add to my wish list: “Visit the Empire again!”, next year, perhaps?

How about you? Have you been to Empire? If yes, how many times? What’s your favorite movie house?

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