Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paris, Oh Paris!

Paris in the morning is beautiful.
Paris in the afternoon is charming.
Paris in the evening is enchanting.
But Paris after midnight is magic
              ~~~ Midnight in Paris

Unfortunately, I have not seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris just yet but will definitely do that during the weekend.  I have watched its trailer on IMDB and YouTube a number of times.  The movie which stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, according to reviews is so far Allen’s best film.  Gotta see it!

Midnight in Paris’ movie trailers just make me want to fly to France at one.  If you have seen the clips, then you definitely know what I mean. Friends say that it's not that difficult to find discounted and even superb cheap flights to Paris.  Thanks to this awesome invention called the internet plus impressive flight search tools - soon I'll be able to explore the beauty of Paris with Bebe!

The only time I was able to set foot in the stunning city of Paris was when Bebe and I needed to spend six hours inside the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport while waiting for our connecting flight to Hong Kong which was quite a tiresome experience.  I did love the airport in Paris.  The long waiting time bored me to death though.

So anyway, I will surely visit Paris, the City of Light, in the near future and stay there for at least a week with Bebe.  That magnificent Eiffel Tower is on going to be on the top of my list.  It is magnificent and breathtaking!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manila Ocean Park’s Website: Love It!

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts [Manila Bay’s Sunset: The View from the White Moon Bar], I never fail to spend a day inside Manila Ocean Park with my family and friends whenever I am on vacation in the Philippines.  Really?  What is not to love?  It is a magical place for people of all ages!  If you have been there, then you know what I mean.  If you haven’t yet, you are missing out on something great!

Anyhoo, it is a shame that I have only stumbled upon the Manila Ocean Park’s Facebook Fan Page minutes ago - yup, the official one which then lead me to their website.  The website makes me want to fly there at once!

The colorful and well animated Manila Ocean Park website is complete with a list of attractions, hotel and spa information, entertainment page, promos to grab and a tab for packages to check.

My first visit was in July of 2009 then again, in February 2010.  I have gone through the Oceanarium, experienced the Glass Bottom Boatride and offered my feet and legs for the doctorfish at the Fish Spa.  I do some souvenir shopping and have enjoyed a few minutes inside the arcade station.  My oh my … a day filled with pure adventure for sure!


Back to the website --- now I know that by the time I return to the Philippines, there are more things to do for me in Manila Ocean Park.  Exciting!

Added Attractions [since the last time I was there in February 2010]:

Marine Life Show
Jellies - dancing sea fairies
AquaNaut Voyage
Swimming and Fun
Musical Fountain Show
Trails to Antarctica

Coming Soon:

Fun Rides

To Check:

The White Moon Bar
The H2O Hotel
Liquid Pool Lounge

Hmmm… I think I will be needing at least two days to enjoy all these.  I am thinking of getting a one night stay in Hotel H2O.  The Park View room for Php9,700 is the cheapest [ouch!] but it is going to be worth the experience, I hope.  I am in the lookout for some of their upcoming promos.  Fingers crossed, I’ll be grabbing a brilliant deal for our [Bebe and I] 2013 vacation.

That is simply irresistible!

Photo credit:

How about you?  Have you recently visited Manila Ocean Park?  Which attractions did you see?  Did you purchase package deals?  How was the experience?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Star Wars Exhibition, London 2007

I missed this huge event in London, big time!  Bebe and Lo flew to London two weeks before I migrated to Sweden but promised myself though that I would fly to the next Star Wars Exhibit location.  Spain?  Denmark?  Singapore?  Does not matter where.  I will definitely not miss it!

Just like most of you, I too am a Star Wars fan but not as crazy as Bebe and Lo who can answer Star Wars trivia questions without even blinking.  Oh certainly… I will be at the next Star Wars Exhibition with these two experts.

I was happy though that Bebe took loads of photos from the exhibit.  There were more than 240 original Star Wars costumes, vehicles, models, props and objects featured in the exhibit.  Imagine the massive amount of digital pictures he brought home with him!  Flipping through them brought me loads of joy! 

Star Wars1

Bebe and Darth Vader

Lo with a friendly Stormtrooper

Going through the photos again reminds me that I have missed something really awesome that day.  Ouch!

How about you?  Have you been to any Star Wars Exhibition?  If you have, where and when?  How was the experience?  Will you be there on their next exhibit?  If you haven’t, are you looking forward to your first Star Wars Exhibition experience?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Six Hours Inside the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

01 July 2009 - Bebe and I were on our way to the Philippines for a three-week vacation but before enjoying the warm Philippine weather, we first needed to go through the not-so-fun part - getting there.

We flew from Arlanda Airport [Sweden] to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport via Air France where we waited for our connecting flight to Hong Kong.  Waiting period?  Six hours.

The airport staff, most of them, were unfriendly which did not bother us really.  We were too exhausted to spend our remaining energy in being frustrated.  All we wanted was to get some snacks, find good seats, take a nap, snap a few photos and relax until boarding time was announced.

The departure lounge is cozy and everything is neatly arranged.  Shops and boutiques are everywhere, restaurants, too.  Toilets are in every corner and are kept clean 24 hours a day.

Considered as the 7th busiest airport in the world, it is very spacious to accommodate a large number of travellers.  Oh yup!  It can be very crowded, too!  The second time we were there, many were sitting while others took their naps on the floor.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport’s Terminal 2E Departure Lounge - During daytime:

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport’s Terminal 2E Departure Lounge - At night:

Duty Free Shops and Boutiques inside the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport:

The Ramp:

Yes.  Wi-Fi is available in the waiting lounge for a free of €10/hour or €30/day.  Expensive, huh?

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