Thursday, April 5, 2012

Manila Bay’s Sunset: The View from the WhiteMoon Bar, Philippines

Whenever I fly to the Philippines for a vacation, I make sure to stop by the Manila Ocean Park.  I have been there in July 2009 and then in February the following year.  I love most things about this oceanarium in Manila.  I can’t wait to visit it again.  Next year, maybe?

When inside the Manila Ocean Park, there is one thing you do not want to miss --- Manila Bay’s sunset view which is best captured from the WhiteMoon Bar.  It never fails to give me that jaw-dropping feeling.  The panoramic view of the sunset is simply magnificent reminding you of how beautiful nature is.

Manila Bay’s Sunset: The breathtaking panoramic view from the WhiteMoon Bar, Philippines

We thought of taking a thirty-minute pause, lounge on their cozy poshy sofas and order some drinks so we can appreciate the colorful sunset even more and take better photos.  Unfortunately, all tables were taken.  It was then that we learned that we should have made reservations at least a day earlier.  Oh well, next time then.

WhiteMoon Bar is open until midnight and is strategically located at the 2nd floor of the Manila Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines.  For reservations, dial 0917-8200-320.  

By the way, if you wish to have a chillaxing night at the WhiteMoon Bar, you do not need to pay the Manila Ocean Park entrance fee.  The mall beside the aquariums, the Sunset Quay Bay will lead you to the WhiteMoon Bar.  Do not worry.  The place is filled with roaming guards so in case of confusion, do not hesitate to ask any of them for directions.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Shard London Bridge

Originally known as London Bridge Tower [or The Shard, The Shard of Glass and 32 London Bridge], the Shard London Bridge is soon-to-be the tallest building in the European Union. The Shard London Bridge’s construction is scheduled to be completed sometime in May 2012 reaching a total height of 1,017 feet [310 meters] and will be open to the public beginning June 2012. There will be a number of 87 floors, 72 business and residential floors and 15 additional levels in the roof.

While proceeding to our day’s schedule [the London Walk], Lo and Bebe showed me the really tall striking London Bridge Tower which was standing right outside the London Bridge Tube station. My oh my --- the glass-covered skyscraper was really impressively high and pretty!

The Shard London Bridge and I. Taken on 11 August 2011

The Shard London Bridge - a shot from inside the London Eye capsule. Taken on 11 August 2011

When the building’s ready for occupancy, The Shard is going to be a home for offices, restaurants, Shangri-La Hotel [levels 34-52], a spa, residential apartments [floors 53-65], an observatory, spire floors and of course a ground floor lobby.

Yup. I am excited to go back when it’s done. Hopefully, I can check it out at nighttime. Love city lights, baby!

How about you? Have you seen the Shard London Bridge already? When?

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