Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The London Underground: My First Ride

The one week I spent with Bebe in the United Kingdom was not enough especially to first time visitors like me.  It felt like everything needed to be rushed to accomplish what were on our daily itinerary.  Everything went out as planned with a few awesome unexpected stops making my first UK visit magnificent.

It was on our our fifth day when we the guys [Bebe and Lo] decided to take the Tube instead of driving to the City of London.  The drive plus the heavy traffic and the hunt for a parking spot would take so much of our time so yes… the Tube was the perfect solution to save us precious travel hours.

Because it was my first time to experience the London Underground or the Tube, I was so excited to hop in it.

Waiting for our train.  Our starting point: The High Barnet Station

Our ride’s here!  Got my ticket, yes!

Getting cozy

Ads everywhere.  This one says, “Get into bed with 1” --- rent a bed for £1 it means --- an ad for students.

It’s clean with comfy soft chairs.  It is not as long as the trains in Hong Kong which is something I like.

Don’t get lost!  Read the map!

The London Underground ride took us to our destination, the City of London within 15 to 20 minutes which could have been an hour and a half drive, if lucky.

Yup.  We also took the Underground on our way home.  It was a beautiful day filled with great memories, magnificent photos and good food which, I will be blogging more about later.  Ciao for now!

P.S.  Thanks to Bebe and Lo - my tour guides and my photographers.  Thanks for the patience, too!

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