Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Philippines: SM IMAX: North EDSA Vs. Mall of Asia

During our July 2009 Philippine vacation, we made sure that we’d be able to check out the IMAX theater at the SM Mall of Asia regardless of what was on. We just wanted to bring the experience with us back to Sweden and we were not disappointed at all. On the 13th of July, we watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [pretty awesome!]. Although it was only shown on 2D, we enjoyed every moment of it. [Find out more about our IMAX Mall of Asia experience here.]

21 July 2009 – We were not really aware that the IMAX theater at SM North EDSA opened on the 16th which made us go “Uhhhhmmm.. Cool!” Not thinking twice, we headed to North EDSA and paid for seats for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie that was sadly in 3D for only the first 12 minutes. But well, at least, we were able to check out both IMAX cinemas, one in 2D and for a borrowed time, one in 3D.

SM North EDSA IMAX vs. SM Mall of Asia [MoA] IMAX:

  • Bigger screen – definitely MoA’s is bigger. I’ve taken the liberty to ask the attendants about the size of the IMAX screen in North EDSA and all of them say that what North EDSA has is more or less 25% smaller compared to the IMAX screen in MoA.

  • Sound system – definitely MoA’s is better. I am not sure why but I find the audio quality of MoA’s surround sound system more captivating. The one they have in North EDSA is fine but not as good if I compare it to what they have in MoA.

  • More number of seats – MoA, with 600 seats.

  • More spacious in between aisles – North EDSA. The passageway separating seating areas is more spacious in North EDSA’s IMAX than in MoA.

  • More spacious lobby – Without a doubt, MoA’s.


Question: What would you suggest? IMAX at the SM MoA or IMAX at the SM North EDSA?

Answer: When in the Philippines for a vacation, we usually stay for two weeks in Quezon City and two weeks in Bulacan so if I set aside the distance, travel time and the horrible traffic, SM MoA IMAX will always be my choice number one.

Question: How would you compare your IMAX experience at the SM MoA compared to your IMAX encounter at the SM North EDSA?

Answer: Despite the fact that the IMAX movie we’ve seen in MoA is only in 2D while in North EDSA, in 3D for well, 12 minutes, our IMAX experience has been way better in MoA. In my honest opinion, I really think that IMAX North EDSA’s tickets should be cheaper than MoA’s.

So there goes my comparison between the two IMAX theaters I’ve been to in the Philippines. So, how about you? Do you prefer the IMAX in North EDSA or in MoA?

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