Sunday, September 23, 2018

4 Ways to Prep for Your Next Vacation

There’s nothing better than a vacation. Whether you’re staying local, or catching a flight to a far-flung destination, nothing beats the excitement leading up to a trip away. No matter the length of your trip, you don’t want to find yourself unprepared, unorganized and caught out when it comes to vacation day, as it should be stress-free from the off. Below are some pointers of things to tick off your to-do list long before you pack your bags.

Revamp your wardrobe

A vacation is the perfect excuse to revamp your wardrobe and find some key pieces so you can enjoy our vacation in style. Depending on where you’re headed, you’ll need to dress for the weather, which might mean sorting swimwear and sandals if you’re headed to the sun, or comfy coats and boots if you’re going to the mountains. Think practical, and find items that will easily mix and match, too, otherwise you’ll end up taking everything but the kitchen sink.

Consider Transport

Long before you set off, you will want to organize all the transport you will need throughout your trip. This will mean sorting flights, if necessary, airport transfers, taxis, and a rental car if you need both flexibility and the comfort of your own transport. By sorting this before you go, you will be able to save a significant amount of money, as if you wait until you arrive at the airport, services can potentially charge you more. Click here to find the best options for rental cars near you, where you can make a reservation and take the pressure off. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re fresh off the plane is having to organize how you’re going to get to your final destination!

Sort out important documents

Important and relevant documents is an absolute must. You won’t get farther than the airport without your passport and boarding pass, and further afield, you must remember to sort travel insurance, car insurance if you are renting a car, and any other relevant papers. This may mean proof of booking for accommodation, too. Even if this has all been done digitally, you really don’t want to be caught out by your phone dying or your internet crashing. Don’t rely on technology, particularly if you’re flying to a destination that may not have as reliable internet as you might like.

Don’t forget the essentials

Packing the essentials may sound like an obvious point to make, but because these are comprised of items you use every day, they are most likely to be the ones you will forget. This includes your toothbrush, your charger, makeup and toiletries, and first aid items such as plasters and any medicines you may end up needing. Such products can be expensive abroad, and medication particularly can become more expensive depending on where you’re headed. Make life easier for yourself by writing a list of items to pack the day you fly, because you’ll likely be using most of them leading up to that point. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Delicious Delights of China

China is an extraordinary mix of landscapes and regional histories and cultures. No wonder there are so many distinct styles of cuisine to enjoy when you are traveling through the country! Historically, rice and noodles were the staples for most of the country. Typically, these are the dishes we still enjoy most today. And vegetarians are still very well catered for with a wide variety of meat-free and fish-free dishes. If you love food, then China should definitely be on your vacation list this year.

One of the best places to explore the widest variety of culinary delights is the city. Traditional ideas and dishes have traveled into the city with the workers, so you’re more likely to get a greater range of flavors in places like Hong Kong. Don’t feel that Hong Kong’s historic ties with the West have had a detrimental effect on the cuisine. On the contrary - The Chinese people have been traveling across the globe for centuries to source new foods and flavors. This eclectic mix is what gives the foods their character.

So what should you look for? Aside from the huge range of dishes and flavors, many of the recipes you can sample are prepared for their medicinal properties. Traditional Chinese gastronomy indicates that meals should incorporate each of the four natures or temperatures of serving. These would be hot, warm, cool, and cold. Dishes should also feature the sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty flavors too.

Eating in Hong Kong also gives you access to a wide range of international dishes, prepared with a distinctly Chinese flavor. Book into a hotel in Causeway Bay that can offer great restaurant service as well as easy access to this vibrant coastal area. When you’re this close to the Bay, you can get out on the water to help build up a much-needed appetite for some of the freshest cuisines you can find here.
Like most places, every region will have a signature dish. Is it worth traveling all over China to sample them? If you love your food, you’ll go in search of the best dishes! The climate does make an enormous difference to the kinds of ingredients that can be sourced freshly. Don’t forget, the cities are likely to be the only places where you can find the modern Chinese ‘fast food’ dishes. City life is fast-paced and modern dishes have been adapted to suit.

Don’t forget, you can visit places like Hong Kong and enjoy far more than just the food! There is a wealth of incredible shopping opportunities like markets, boutiques, and malls. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a new wardrobe in down! The air can be quite thick, so it’s nice to have a fresh outfit to change into after a long day out.

Whatever you come to China for, don’t miss out on the wide range of dishes that are on offer, especially in the cities. You can sample what you like, but make sure you can enjoy a full meal from your favorite region too.

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