Friday, February 15, 2019

Essentials You Need for an Unforgettable Outdoor Trip

When going on an outdoor trip, whether solo or with friends, it’s crucial that you know what to do to make it one that’s memorable. Although everyone’s idea of an epic trip is different, there are elements that you can influence. One is taking time to think about items that you can bring along to help enhance your trip. Whether this happens to be a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while you climb mountains or comfortable shoes for walking, it can all go a long way. In light of this, you will find a few essentials you need for an unforgettable outdoor trip in this article.

1.) MAP

These days, people heavily rely on technology; although this can be a good thing, technology often fails. For this reason, make sure you bring along a physical map that you can use to find your way around if your phone and other technology fails you. This is especially crucial if you’ll be in a country or city you’ve never been to before.


Technology has gone far beyond what we can imagine, and they’ve created gadgets that make outdoor trips both easier and more enjoyable. In light of this, make use of these innovations when you go on your next adventure. An ideal gadget to get would be a trail camera as it is a way of getting quality images and footage of your experiences. If you visit Outdoor Wilds, you’ll find reviews on trail cameras that may come in handy, as well as other information on hiking, kayaking, and gear. Most importantly, think about what gadgets you’ll be needing to make your trip more enjoyable.


If you are going to be camping or roaming around in the dark during your outdoor trip, lighting is critical. Bring along a flashlight, headlamp or lantern as that should help you see when it’s dark. A good camping flashlight is one which has different lighting options, adjustable beams, and a battery charger. If you’re on a budget, however, there are many affordable flashlights which provide you with a bright, reliable beam.


For safety reasons, carrying around a mini first aid pack with you is something you should make up your mind to do. There’s no telling when adventure can get on the risky side, which means you need to have the right items in case of an emergency. When packing your first aid kit, include bandages, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, and pain reducers. Also, be sure you have travel insurance and are fully covered in case of a serious medical emergency.


Having enough power around you when outdoors can be important for different reasons. You never know what one of your devices may be needed for or if you’ll find yourself in a situation where you might have to call for help. Have a power bank or two on standby so you can charge your devices when need be.

Outdoor adventures are something worth doing, especially if you want a new experience. They can stretch you mentally and physically and get you out of your comfort zone. For these reasons alone, they may very well be something worth looking forward to.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Going Somewhere? Put These 3 Mountain Bike Trails On Your List

International Cycling

Whether or not you’re a cycling enthusiast, exploring bike trails across the world can provide some experiences you never forget. Biking is great exercise, and it can be a lot of fun. It additionally opens you up to places that you probably wouldn’t get to any other way. Following, three areas of the world with fine bike trails worth checking out will be explored.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado is a beautiful locale nestled against the Rocky Mountains and right off the interstate. A college community, Fort Collins has grown expansively in the last decade. Even before that, a ubiquity of excellent bike trails defined the region. There are paths throughout town, and along the scenic Poudre River.

Additionally, Horestooth Reservoir is nearby, and there are quite a few fun trails around that particular lake. As well, Fort Collins acts as a sort of gateway to the Rockies. Loveland, Estes Park, and Boulder to the south also have some fine bike trails worth exploring.

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route stretches along the Rockies from Canada through New Mexico, too. You can pick this up from several key locations in Colorado if more serious mountain biking is your preference, rather than the suburban trails around places like Fort Collins.

The North Sea Cycle Route

The North Sea Cycle Route stretches through England, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It’s got a length of over 6,000 kilometers. This is one of the most scenic and exciting ways to see Europe.

Granted, you will have to book passage across certain bodies of water, and there’s certainly going to be a good deal of expense involved. Still, especially during summertime, you’re bound to find some picturesque landscapes, fine adventures, and top-tier cycling.

Australian Intrigue

For an epic adventure, consider the western regions of Australia. Many don’t realize that these regions comprise some of the most isolated in the world. There’s a route out there that’s called the Munda Biddi, and it’s over 960 kilometers. It goes through forests from Perth to Albany in the southwest. Of course, as with any trail, you don’t have to ride the whole thing! You can go for a day at a time if you like, or whatever suits you.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in Eastern Australia, you’ve got to try mountain biking in Thredbo, where a variety of ski slopes have led to a variety of diverse and engaging mountain trails to explore.
It’s important to note that Australia’s weather patterns differ from northern hemispheres, and you must be careful that you plan accordingly. The winters of the north are the summers of the south, and vice versa. Thredbo’s ski season is in what would be Summer if you were in America. The hot season is around January.

The western trails can be conquered in summertime, but it’s essential that you bring proper supplies for the journey. Perhaps a winter outing would be more appropriate. Meanwhile, places like Thredbo are at a higher elevation, so you may want to check them out during the Australian summer in July or August, as they’re likely to be at a more moderate temperature—depending on the date and region, of course.

Cycling Around The World

There are too many exceptional bike trails around the world to explore here, but for the cycling enthusiast, The North Sea Trail, The Great Divide Mountain Route, scenic avenues around Fort Collins, Munda Biddi, and tracks throughout Thredbo’s fine hills represent some truly worthwhile biking adventures.

Perhaps if you’re traveling this year, you might think about either renting a bike from the country you’re visiting, or packing one along with you to see the world like never before.

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